Air Coolers Price And your Pocket book

Air coolers come in all prices, shapes and sizes. Big ones, small ones, some cool faster and some cool for longer, it’s important that you have one that suits your family needs. Begining with as far as INR 6000/- you can get a decent cooler for yourself. But different coolers offer cool features. Most of them can be divided in three basic categories and those are primary, extra and luxury.

When you talk about primary coolers they’re the ones that are the basic style of every brand. There’s one thing that’s common with every cooler and that is dispensing water into the cooler. There’s a certain amount of water that needs to be distributed into the cooler for it to offer the refreshing air that it’s known to do. Primary coolers usually come with a wool-based screen. Sometimes the screen should be dampened mccoy cooler for it to start giving out cold air quickly. Primary coolers are the ones that come with a big and powerful motor that’s attached to the fan and they’re also available with the facility of getting attached to the window. You can get these for cover anything from 5, 000 Rupees to 8, 000 Rupees. These coolers are best during a sunlit afternoon but the only catch is that they’re huge in size and can only cool a small room.

Extra coolers are the slighter coolers that use honeycomb pads while they dispense cool air into the room. These are a little more convenient and usually come with wheels so that they may be easily moved around in the room. Extra coolers are usually tall or broad in size. They are pretty powerful and are most suitable to cool a normal sized or even a big room if kept in the middle. You’ll usually discover them to be around 8000 Rupees to 10, 000 Rupees. These are more agile and compact but there could be an issue with the power it can get cooling.

The last and final category is luxury. Here you’ll find coolers that are not only compact but also powerful. Once you’ve installed this in your room, irrespective of where it is, it’ll cool the whole place. These coolers are available with swing and digital action that means you don’t need to get up every time you want to turn it on or off (as in case of most primary coolers). These are top of the line and once you’ve installed it, cooling becomes a total wind. Air coolers are a nice way to cool your home, and depending on your exact preferences, you can find a cooler that is right for you and your budget!

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