Outfit Compliments

Complements generally mean “a thing that completes or improves something” according to the dictionaries in our bookshelves. So, what do i mean by outfit complements? It’s simply those items that we voluntarily put on after our usual outfit. It’s those items that can differentiate identical twins on the same outfit. Moreover, outfit complements are those items that complement the efforts of fashion designers and make them beat their chests and walk with shoulders high.

What observation do you often make when you walk into a boutique or a shopping mall? Okay, let me explain the point I’m driving at. Most times when you walk into special shops like those mentioned above, you’ll discover outfits displayed with other wears that make them stand out. These are usually samples of items we’re expected to combine with the outfits to achieve maximum satisfaction or result. Usually in katana. these shops, you’ll see white, brown or black dummy adorned on particular outfits with other items so that they are spectacular or noticeable. The message is that when you’re adorned on any of those outfits depending on the colour of your skin, you exude a similar charm and much more than a dummy because it’s not mobile like us.

These items are usually things like sun-glasses, handbags, belts, shoes, watches, caps, hats, scarves, make ups and so on. Why often we see the combination of these items with a particular outfit is for us to have a dress sense or say, be fashion conscious. Naturally we wear these items together with our outfit when we’re attending some occasions, some obligatory meetings, and red carpet events. The colour of our outfit determines the colour of other complements that would go with them, if we must look sane. Someone on black suit with a blue, green or red sun-glass or goggle won’t look as magical as someone on black suit with black sun-glass. In like manner, someone on black skirt or trouser and white blouse or shirt won’t look good with a brown handbag, yellow belt and pink sun-glass unless these compliments rhyme with other ones. But with a black shoe, belt and sun-glass, the person would look perfectly attractive. Brown shoe, handbag and belt are a close alternative. A brown or green gown can go down well with a brown or green shoe and black belt and handbag for ladies. With a red handbag and belt, a lady on a white gown with white shoe and sun-glass will inevitably win peoples admirations. These are just few examples among many. The same applies to other items like watches, caps, hats, scarves, ties, make ups and so on.

In conclusion, I want us to realize that outfit compliments matter a lot. Some people have lost out due to their insensitivity to the items they combine with their outfit. Personally, I won’t like to date a lady whose appearances give the impression of a ‘colour riot’ or disorderliness. Items we combine with our outfits can make us look like aliens cast out from outer space. Actually, we’ll attract people’s attention, but a well packaged negative attention. When i look at some people in the street, I see patients who need to consult a ‘fashion doctor’, if there is anything like that. What we wear is capable of enhancing or tainting our personal glory as humans. It tells who we are and who we intend to be. I urge us to learn to dress impressively because someone is watching us and we may not know who the person is. With the correct outfit complements, we’ll definitely be outstanding, striking and spectacular.

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